Production series as well as platform strategies can be modeled, simulated and maintained in the SAE developer in the simplest way imaginable.
Our software offers you much more that an agile and clearly structured modeling environment, it offers you a wide range of functionalities to maintain and to represent guidelines. As a consequence, you will be able to smoothly and effortlessly coordinate and integrate the involved departments of your company – product management, sales, R&D and production technology.


Our software offers your various applications to structure your variants and to provide the associated data.
Of course, there are country- and sales-channel-specific versions including tools to visualize variants, and to enhance your technical configurations to configurations optimized for sales purposes.
Our back office workflows are specially customized to process your offers and your orders. Finally, our centralized data- and communication platform transfers the data to your subsidiaries and various sales channels.


  • Simulation environment
  • Extended guidelines
  • Multi-stage product configuration
  • Technical models and sales models
  • CAD Integration
  • 100% SAP® - Compatibility
  • Inheritance of assembly group properties

sae developer

A comprehensive variant management system complementing your standard-ERP

Variant models with the respective knowledge about dependencies can be set up, simulated and maintained in the SAE developer. The core functionality of our software is the representation of variants in a way that is appropriate for your sales processes. You can define and migrate all the relevant SAP and ERP data, such as material masters, prices, conditions, parts lists and variants with associated dependencies.

Globale strategic support

  • With our software the management and handling of your variants will become a core element of value creation
  • SAE has all the functionalities to provide verified and process-optimized data from the ERP-data base
  • Our products support an individual distribution of data about variants from the configurable product (KMAT) to a country specific price distribution to the SAE sales clients.

Operative high-end-functionalities

  • Simple development of product properties and features
  • add-ons for an optimal configuration process, pictures, technical documents and long texts
  • product dependent page construction with a flexible layout of product properties/features
  • visible knowledge maintenance of variant dependencies by simple highlighting valid combinations of values and properties
  • simulation mode for testing the variant modeling and regulations in review
  • full 3D-Integration
  • comfortable knowledge maintenance of variant dependencies or guidelines through automatic suggestions for syntax or code

SAE Software
escorts your products and variants – no matter how complex they are – consistently through all your sales processes

SAE Software
supports you through clearly structured development of variants, direct simulations and effortless maintenance of your variant models