Our software creates your proposals in virtually no time with effortless ease. You have the best sales force in the market? So why would you not give them what they need to make your business strive?

SAE sales provides you with all the functionalities you require and will make the configuration of your proposals more convenient than ever: tailor-made proposal documents including up-to-date pricing, a CRM system that will boost your sales, a comprehensive management of your text-documents and your sales files, a cutting-edge tool for CAD modeling, an interface with Outlook and, of course, an automated data transfer from and to ERP-systems of your company to ensure the consistency of your data.


Technical configuration = sales configuration? “Of course not!” would your experts say. So why would you settle for a compromise and not have a tailor made tool for both of them?

SAE strongly believes that a key success factor is the differentiation between the technical and the sales perspective when it comes to configuration. Consequently, SAE offers you optimized applications for each of the two perspectives. Pictures, texts, sketches, comments, calculation routines and 3D-CAD-models can be integrated easily and will support the product managers of your company to design a sales configuration that is both promotional and tailored to the requirements of different countries.


  • variant configurations
  • proposal configurations
  • single-stage / multi-stage configurations
  • online or offline
  • stand-alone or integrated into automatic processes within ERP- or CRM-systems while
  • data compatibility with SAP® is guaranteed by 100%

sae sales

is an integrated sales management system with optimized data base ready for world wide application

sae sales is a comprehensive and integrated solution for your sales processes. Our solution enables your product management to set up a technical configuration augmented by country-specific sales configurations. Our data base is optimized for the world wide application and is ready to be rolled-out.


  • Great proposal generation & individual proposal documents
  • Process optimisation - 100% document transfer to SAP®
  • Excellent usability & modern interfaces
  • Cockpit function for rapid review & proposal versioning
  • Exchange of editable documents between office & field sales

sae crm

is a reliant partner that accompanies your sales force in daily business and supports your sales processes in every possible way

Our software offers your sales force a significant value added. Sales- and project specific workflows provide the functionality to support your sales process in the most optimal way. SAE CRM has numerous operational highlights included: Outlook integration, connection to existing telecommunication solutions, automatic route planning with recommendation features and up- and download-functions to ERP-standard and many more.


  • User-specific, customised project & activity overview
  • Sales- & project-specific workflow with event management
  • Traffic light system for monitoring project & proposal status
  • Compatible with touch screens & suitable for mobile devices
  • 360 degree view of clients & potential clients

sae contact+

  • sae contact+ for telephone system integration with link to contact history. Sales staff have access to all customer, proposal and project information for each call. Key information can be checked and added during calls.

  • sae contact+ for viewing all relevant information and customer events at a click of the mouse for excellent customer service.

sae navigation+

  • sae navigation+ is an innovative route planner for sales and management. All sales-related events such as service messages, outstanding proposals and project information can be used in planning to create individualised routes for each member of sales staff.

  • sae navigation+ offers optimised route planning for Sales. It can recognise new sales areas and enables perfect support for your existing customer base.

SAE Software
escorts your products and variants – no matter how complex they are – consistently through all your sales processes

SAE Software
supports you through clearly structured development of variants, direct simulations and effortless maintenance of your variant models