sae service

Efficient processes and great usability

sae service helps service staff rapidly to respond to customer enquiries no matter where they are. All customer-specific data is generated automatically from SAP® objects and provided to the service staff - for a complete workflow with an automated feedback function. Personal contact, an effective and efficient approach to problems and rapid responses create genuine competitive advantages, satisfy customers and strengthen a company's image.


  • Turn your service department into a key source of revenue
  • Effective service management with a consistent system environment
  • Fewer steps in the process & faster invoicing
  • Service data generation from SD items, production orders, etc.


The generation of service reports, automatic workflows for invoicing, revision and proposals with notification of working hours to HR and direct service links to SAP® are just some of the features of sae service.
Order information, activities and descriptions, and also material data, checklists and service reports can all be transferred to SAP®. The sae capacity & scheduling monitor enables clear, rapid and easy service scheduling and management.

SAE Software
escorts your products and variants – no matter how complex they are – consistently through all your sales processes

SAE Software
supports you through clearly structured development of variants, direct simulations and effortless maintenance of your variant models