Offer - Proof of concept

Test and configure your product offline in the SAE system and online in the SAE Web shop.
SAE will prove just how easy variant management can be and how you can inspire your customers.
Consistent, interactive and customised - discover for yourself the benefits of modern SAE premium applications.


  • With SAP®
    • Loading a configuration model from SAP®
    • Workshop: adjustment and preparation

  • Without SAP®
    • Workshop: developing a sales configuration in sae developer

  • Presentation & testing
    • Offline in the SAE sales system & online in the SAE Web shop


  • Live application
  • Application testing
  • Project security
  • Risk minimisation
  • Test benefits

With SAP®

Your existing configuration will be loaded from SAP® and adjusted and prepared in a day-long workshop.
Your product will then be presented live and impressively in the SAE system offline and online in the SAE Web shop.

Without SAP®

A sales configuration of your product will be developed in a day-long workshop.
You can then discover the benefits of a variant management system for yourself and experience your product live in the SAE system offline and online.

*Legal information

These pages are an invitation to offer.
All necessary details such as the timescale, place, etc. must be agreed with SAE before implementation.

SAE Software
escorts your products and variants – no matter how complex they are – consistently through all your sales processes

SAE Software
supports you through clearly structured development of variants, direct simulations and effortless maintenance of your variant models