sae super visual

Model for great product visualisation

This system is designed to enable the simple and easy modern, global distribution of complex products. sae super visual secures competitive and innovative advantages in the sale of complex technical products. Complex products and product configurations can be customised for your client intuitively, rapidly and without errors with this unique system (no CAD or technical product expertise required). This innovative form of optical configuration and individual product design can revolutionise customer identification with your product.


  • Product visualisation in the automatically generated 3D model
  • Greater product identification thanks to interactivity & simulated reality
  • Less support required & avoidance of configuration errors
  • No CAD or technical product expertise needed


Animation is interactive and runs during configuration:

  • Height, width and depth can be changed & displayed interactively
  • Realistic, fully dynamic movement of the model
  • Features assessed in the model
  • Problems & conflicts detected

SAE Software
escorts your products and variants – no matter how complex they are – consistently through all your sales processes

SAE Software
supports you through clearly structured development of variants, direct simulations and effortless maintenance of your variant models